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the greatest think you´ll ever learn; is just to love and be loved in return

— Moulin Rouge

So this is going to probably end up as a little rant, but this is needed.
I’m sick of seeing people who want to ‘break sammi and jinxx up’ first off, that will never happen and whatever silly little plan you make will not work. Sammi and Jinxx trust each other and i’m sure thats not going to change thanks to some silly persons jealousy.
Apparently they wanted Jinxx to date a ‘normal’ girl. What is classified as normal? because to me Sammi is normal, she is just really pretty.
Next. look at how cute they are. How can you not like that? asdfghjkl;’
Sammi and Jinxx have found each other and plan to spend the rest of their lives together and i’m really happy for them. They are just too perfect and nothing will ever really change that, no not even some silly little girl trying to break them up.
and lastly. please stop with the hate on sammi doll, she’s a perfect girl and a lot of people idolise her, even though she doesn’t really care about the petty hate you send her, i think you could be doing something better then sending stuff like that.